New Summer (Sunday) Hours at the Transfer Station!

Now Open 8am to Noon on Sundays!
Open Sundays

It's no secret that Saturdays are VERY busy at the Transfer Station.  We recognize the inconvenience, frustration, and safety concerns this can cause and want to improve the situation.  Residents are encouraged to come to the station during off-peak days and hours (basically not first thing, and not Saturdays) to help lessen the strain caused by an increased number of residents and visitors using the Transfer Station and necessary Coronavirus precautions.  That being said we know that most people can't come to the Transfer Station during the week, so we have decided to offer special summer hours on a trial basis.  The Transfer Station will be open Sundays from 8-12 through the end of the summer.  Residents are encouraged to come to the Transfer Station once per week to reduce traffic loads, even though we're open an extra day.  The Transfer Station staff want to thank you all for your patience and cooperation over the past few months, and  hope this change make things safer and easier on everyone!