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For questions or concerns about the beach contact the Town Office at 685-4939.

The Town of Readfield's Beach is located on Maranacook Lake off from Route 17 also know as Main Street. Readfield's Beach is a "user supported" beach. Permits are available in the following ways: 

FAMILY PERMIT: Readfield Residents & Taxpayers may purchase an annual permit for $60.00/family at the Town Office. The permit allows, in addition to your family members under 21, 4 guests per visit, a maximum of 5 times per summer without additional fees. Additional guests require additional DAY PASS fees. 

SENIOR CITIZENS: Discounted rates for resident & taxpayer senior citizens 65 years or older for $25.00 (individual or couple) 

NON-RESIDENT (grandfathered) RENEWAL (must have had a permit in all the past previous years-NO EXCEPTIONS) $70.00. Guests of non-resident permit holders must pay standard day pass fees. 

NON-RESIDENTS can purchase a season pass for $85.00. Guests of non-resident permit holders must pay standard day pass fees.


DAY PASS: Day Pass- $8.00 per day for one guest and $16.00 for 2-4 guests (children under 5 are free and not counted in the 2-4 guest).

ONE WEEK GUEST PASS: This permit is for those families visiting Readfield during the summer who want to use the Town Beach. Permit is valid for seven (7) consecutive days only, maximum of 6 users per permit for $45.00.

There are NO LIFEGUARDS on duty and there is a capacity limit. 

You may download your beach permit application from this website and send it to the Town Office with your check and a self-addressed, stamped envelope and your permits will be sent to you in the mail. 

Each family may have two permits. If you have a driving sitter and would like them to take your children to the beach, you will need to provide us with their number plate number and give up one of the two permits you have.

 Please read the RULES OF READFIELD BEACH before signing your application for a permit. picnic tables





The 2020 Beach Permit Application Form is ready to go.......

Please note the changes in fees. Have a safe and happy summer!