Select Board

    ** Important Public Participation Information **

    The coronavirus emergency is requiring us to change how to hold public meetings to be considerate of everyone’s health. We have been given guidance and authority to hold modified meetings remotely. Our goal is to hold our meetings with the widest possible scope of public input and broadest transparency possible.

    • Select Board meetings will be remote only, with no participants physically in attendance.
    • Select Board meetings will be broadcast, as usual, on cable channel 1301.
    • The public may participate via teleconference by calling (646) 876 9923 and entering Meeting ID: 323 050 056, or web conference at

    Written comments may be made in advance of the meeting using an online form on the Town website at

    All meetings except executive sessions are open to the public. No motions or decisions can be made in executive sessions. All motions or stated decisions will be announced, if there are any, after coming out of executive session.

    The History of the Select Board as Voted by Town Meeting:

    • Prior to 1963, there was a 3 person Board of Selectmen.
    • March 1963, Town Meeting voted to authorize a five-person Board of Selectmen with three-year terms to be effective at the time of Town Meeting, 1964.  This would involve electing one person in 1964 for a term of three years.
    • March 1968, Town Meeting voted to have a three-person Board of Selectmen starting Town Meeting 1969, and have the Selectmen also be the Assessors without separate listing on the ballot or requiring separate nomination papers, 1 for 1 year, 1 for two-years and 1 for three years.
    • October 1969, Article was defeated but read: To see if the Town will vote to elect a 5 man Board of Selectmen, 1 for a 1 year, 1 for 2 years and 1 for 3 years, to be elected at the 1970 Town Meeting.
    • May 1971, Town Meeting voted to authorize a five-person Board of Selectmen with three-year terms to become effective at the time of Town Meeting 1972. This would involve electing one person in 1972 for a three-year term of office, one for a two-year term and one for a one-year term. The remaining incumbent Selectmen will remain in office until their official time expires.
    • June 2017, Town Meeting voted in the positive to confirm the term for Select Board elected on this day and at subsequent elections as being from the day of election until the day of the next election.

    Board Members

    Name Title
    Bruce Bourgoine Chair
    Christine Sammons Vice Chair
    Dennis Price Member
    Kathryn Mills Woodsum Member
    Ralph Eno Jr. Member

    To contact Select Board Members via Phone


    (207) 624-1977


    (207) 685-0051

    Vice Chair

    (207) 441-2712


    (207) 577-4919


    (207) 685-3177