Coronavirus Update - Municipal Reopening


The Coronavirus situation continues to evolve, and slowly improve, at least in Kennebec County.  For the past two months our town staff has worked diligently to continue providing municipal services wherever possible, in a manner that keeps residents and staff safe, and in compliance with state and federal rules and guidelines. We will continue to do these things in the months ahead as we adjust to the summer season and respond to reopening efforts. The cooperation of all of our residents and staff is truly appreciated. The update below summarizes our action plan through the month of June.  A lot is the same but a lot has changed.  Additional measures and changes may be put in place as necessary or prudent.

Municipal Staffing / Town Office:

  • The Town Office will open to modified public access beginning June 1, 2020
  • Aggressive daily cleaning of surfaces and devices will continue. 
  • Staff are expected to stay home if they are sick, practice recommended hygiene regularly while at the office, and touch-up (clean) their workstations as they see fit.
  • No more than five municipal employees will be allowed in the Town office at any time.
  • Employees must wear a face covering in any public area, office they are not alone in, or area where social distancing can’t be maintained.
  • Maintenance staff are expected to work outside of the office as much as possible and perform any administrative work before other staff arrive (7:30-8:30am). 
  • Public access to the Town Office will be limited to two customers in the lobby and two in the entryway.All residents must wear a face covering or make alternative arrangements for service.
  • Residents will enter through the main doors and exit through the back of the building.
  • Town Office “Senior Hours” for residents over the age of 65 or with special medical considerations will be on Thursdays from 10-2.
  • The first floor restroom is reserved for residents; the second floor restroom is reserved for municipal staff.
  • The Library will begin to reopen in June following an independent plan.

Transfer Station:

  • Existing physical distancing and safety protocols will remain in place through July 2, with the exception that five vehicles are now allowed in the unloading area (up from three).
  • Residents are requested to stay home if they are sick and to avoid peak demand times (Tuesday mornings and Saturdays).
  • Residents are encouraged to pay with exact cash or write a check (so they don't have to make change out of the cash box).
  • Residents must stop at the attendant booth to get instructions and pay for any fee items.
  • “Senior Hours” for residents over the age of 65 or with special medical considerations are on Thursdays from 10-2.
  • Attendants will not be handling bagged waste or assisting with unloading.
  • Attendants will wear a face covering in all areas where social distancing is not possible and carry a covering with them at all times.
  • Used tissues, wipes, paper towels, latex or rubber gloves, or other protective / used cleaning supplies are not allowed in the recycling.  Please put them in the trash.
  • Plastic film is currently not being accepted at the facility due to COVID-19.
  • Public meet-ups and socializing are prohibited.

Public Meetings and Communication:

  • Phone and email are still the best way to reach municipal staff and appointed and elected officials.  Call the Town Office or visit the website for this information.
  • The town website continues to be an excellent resource. Sign up for E-Alerts to get important news and updates.
  • We are experimenting with “in-person” meetings of up to 10 people on the 2nd floor of Giles Hall.  It appears that we have a total capacity (with proper social distancing) of approximately 24.  That said, we will continue to hold public meetings and hearings remotely through the month of June whenever possible while also making the 2nd floor available.  All “in-person” meeting attendees are required to wear a face covering.  If they are not able to do so they are welcome to participate remotely.
  • The number and frequency of “in-person” meetings will be closely monitored and proper and complete sanitization will happen in between meetings.
  • Those interested in attending, listening, or watching remotely should look for web conference and teleconference links and instructions on their meeting notices and agendas.  This information is required to be public so the public can be engaged.

Community Needs and Volunteering:

The volunteer response to our Community Coronavirus Response is outstanding.  Many thanks are due to our volunteer coordinator (and Librarian) Melissa Small for organizing and implementing the program, and securing a $1,000 grant to help fund it!