Maranacook Lake Outlet Dam Committee

The responsibilities and functions of the Dam Committee are as follows:

  1. Hold periodic meetings to verify and discuss water levels in the Maranacook Lake, with representatives of the Cobbossee Watershed District. They shall meet at least annually.
  2. Recommend to the officials of signatory municipalities those actions the committee believes should be taken by these municipalities to satisfy current and future dam management requirements.
  3. Make operational recommendations to the Dam Custodian, and advise the officials of signatory municipalities when the performance of the Dam Custodian is unsatisfactory.
  4. Prepare a proposed annual budget for operation and maintenance of the Dam, and submit the proposed budget to the officials of signatory municipalities for approval and inclusion in the General Fund Budget of signatory municipalities according to the pro-rata share of each.
  5. At least one member of the Dam Committee appointed to the committee by each signatory municipality will attend the annual Town Meeting for that Town to answer questions voters may have regarding the dam.
  6. All committee actions or recommendations must be supported by vote of committee members, with no actions being taken or recommendations being made in the name of the Dam Committee unless supported by a simple majority of the Committee members present at the meeting.  No vote of the Committee will be valid unless there are at least 3 of the appointed members with voting rights present at the meeting.
  7. All Committee meetings will be at the call of the Chair of the Dam Committee and will be made public.

Committee Members

Name Title
Shelly Gerstein Alternate Member
Thomas Molokie Member
William Buck Member